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RC This Weekend!

Central Carolina R/C’s annual open house is Sunday, 10am-3pm!

The First In Flight R/C Jet Rally is Wednesday through Sunday in Wilson, NC.

D4 B4 Anyone Else!

The new AMA District 4 website, ama-d4.org has launched! AMA District IV VP Jay Marsh has been pushing this project for quite a while now and has 15 bloggers supporting it with topics from beginners to building and free flight to jets to sailplanes! Congratulations to everyone involved with this new website!

RC This Weekend-May 2, 2015

This Saturday, May 2nd, is the CCRC Workday! 8am until Noon-ish!
Please come out and support the club, by helping to spruce up the flying field prior to our upcoming Open House!
Winston-Salem RC 2015 Pattern Event! FlyerWebsite
P.S. The latest revisions of the club bylaws, membership application, and dues schedule are now available under the Resourcers Menu, under Documents.

In Memoriam: O.W. Maness

OS Maness

Just received word this evening that O. W. Maness (a long-time Central Carolina RC Club member) has passed away and it is my great sorrow to pass along this terrible news to you all. OW was a long time fixture at GRAMS—at least 40 years of membership with us. I don’t really have any details about OW’s passing—I do know he’d had a number of health problems over the last 2-3 years. I have not yet seen his obituary—-I understand it will be published either Wednesday the 11th or maybe Thursday the 12th. In any event, I had just seen OW at the Burlington Swap Meet in January and he looked to be in fine physical shape—he and I talked about getting ready for Spring flying and he certainly was looking forward to that. Given how good he looked in January—and how terrific his mental outlook was then, I am stunned that he has passed away

Anybody who was a member at GRAMS knew OW—-he certainly had a personality that was larger than life itself. If you flew at GRAMS, you had best have thick skin, because OW Maness was going to tease you a little bit—especially if you had a tough flight or botched up your landing. Poor old Bobby Honeycutt and Herb Wilkerson (both now passed away) were regular targets of OW’s teasing. As a pilot, OW was simply superb—absolutely the best stick & rudder man I’ve ever met. He liked to fly big planes—and he flew them like he stole them—FAST and LOW. His reflexes and control were so good that he made aggressive flying look effortless. OW attended Giant Scale Fly-In’s across the Southeast for 30+ years. He was widely known for Gee Bee’s—-he was authoritative about the Granville brothers and all the plane variants they built. He always had a Giant Scale model of a Gee Bee in his van. In his hands, they looked like pussycats—-but I can tell you they are notoriously difficult to fly. I personally saw OW hover a Gee Bee Model Z about 6’ off the deck—and he had to be 75 years old when he did it. OW was another wonderful builder, a guy who liked to scratch build his planes—even down to making his own molds to pull a custom fiberglass cowling or canopy. Man, I am going to miss seeing this guy at the field.

Steve Vergamini
Greensboro, NC


There will be a celebration of life this Sunday, March 22, 2015 @ 3PM at The Triad Cremation Society on Veasely St. in Greensboro.http://www.triadcremationsociety.com/


Central Carolina Hobbies Now Open!

Roving reporter Al Mills that Central Carolina Hobbies, across the street from the old KC Hobbies location, has finally opened and they’re grand opening is currently underway! Below is a photo of the store. Apparently the shipping strike in California has delayed delivery of some merchandise but since the strike has been settled hopefully new merchandise will be in soon! Good luck to Central Carolina Hobbies! The shops phone number is 336-434-0900