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Update Rules & Regulations


Rules and Regulations

CCRC_BL_RR, 9/2015


  1. Field Rules

1 Р  The CCRC flying field is for use by its members and invited guests only.

2 – The field is open from dawn until dusk, Monday through Saturday. Sunday morning flying until 12:00 noon is only allowed for silent aircraft such as electric aircraft. Night flying is not permitted unless approved for a special event.

3 – All flying guests are to have a club member to inform them of the CCRC Rules and Regulations and assist and spot for them.

4 – Friends and family members are always welcomed at the field. Please have them remain behind the fence for their safety. If you bring a pet, please keep them on a lease and small children require adult supervision at all times and none are allowed on the flight line.

5 – All persons flying must have a current AMA Membership Card. This includes buddy-box flying unless the member is an AMA IP instructor.

6 – All radio equipment must be designated for air use. Continue reading