Announcement From Nan Brinson

Fellow CCRC Members,

For the first time since I took the office of CCRC Treasurer in 2009, I find myself having to campaign for the position in 2015. My name is Nancetta “Nan” Brinson and I have been the club Treasurer since February, 2009. Most of you know me by our interaction through e-mails, meetings, club functions and flying at the field. I am an active member of the club, helping organize and staff events, managing kitchen duties in the past and helping when necessary to better our club. I am also a pilot. My duties as Treasurer are more than depositing funds and paying bills. I also keep track of all members, including their dues payments and AMA status. Monthly spreadsheets are presented to the Board detailing all income and expenses as well as periodically budgeting for the year. I receive all new member applications and alert the Board of the new members, their personal information and their 90-day probationary status. My duties also include keeping the club charter current with AMA, checking member AMA dues status almost daily through the first couple months of the year and keeping the pin board current at the field by either pulling, reinstating, or adding members as their club and AMA dues are paid. I take care of memorials and charitable donations and I am the club representative for AMA. I believe the Treasurer postion is the most difficult of any job in the club and it should be handled by someone with experience—me. I enjoy my duties and am proud to say that after an audit by the club President earlier this year, all was found to be accurate and records in detail to the penny.

I appreciate your support and friendship and hope you will continue to support me with your vote for club Treasurer. I will continue to represent the club proudly and efficiently.

Thank you,

Nan Brinson, CCRC Treasurer

Announcement From Richard Fletcher

CCRC member Richard Fletcher asked me to post the following statement regarding his run for the office of CCRC Treasurer for 2015. In fairness to other candidates I will post any other statements that anyone running for office cares to send me.
James Messick, Webmaster


My name is Richard Fletcher and I am running for Treasurer of CCRC for 2015. I am 55 years old and I have been a member of CCRC for 23 years. I work at Duke Energy as a Telecommunications Tech. The reason I am running for Treasurer is that I want to contribute to the club. I am now working 4 days a week and I will have the time to perform the duties of the Treasurer. I feel that all members should be informed as to the spending of the clubs money, even those that do not go to monthly meetings. Some members have no idea why our dues have increased this year. I would like to include budget information in the newsletter that comes out so we all know what our elected leaders are doing. I ask for your support and your vote for Treasurer.

Richard Fletcher

The Dawn Patrol

Club president Marshall King shared these photos from the Virginia Beach Dawn Patrol, an annual WWI bird event held at the Military Aviation Museum ( He highly recommends this event. Thanks for the photos (album).


Created with flickr slideshow.

Lipo Storage Basics


I don’t know the origins of the above graphic, but I found it in a lengthy discussion of Lipo discussions over on Below are the basics that I took from the discussion.

1) Lipo batteries lose capacity when stored at full charge. Ideal charge is around 40%.

2) Storing at cool temperature will increase the life of a Lipo somewhat.

3) Be sure to let Lipos warm up to room temp. before charging or using them.