IMAA Announcement

Hello gentleman, sorry to have to inform you that IMAA has shut down operations and the fall issue will be the farewell edition. All future IMAA sanctioned flyins will still go on but without IMAA present . The main problem was not enough membership to sustain the magizine and expenses to keep up with major events. If any one has questions, please contact me, plus I will be at most events anyway. Thank you for your support and help. The digital issues and web site are still available.

– Mark Smith; District 4 director.

War Bird 2014 Photos

Thanks to Tom Black, Jesse Brinson and Nicholas Turner we have an impressive photo record of the 2014 War Bird Fly-In. Click the photo below to go to the photo gallery.




Magnificent Mossie

A beautiful warbird. Honestly, I don’t see how people have the nerves to fly some of these beauties after all the time and money they put into them, but I guess flying them is the point!