CCRC Open House Moved To Monday!

The CCRC Open House originally scheduled today has been moved to tomorrow! All events should be the same and if you were scheduled to volunteer today please plan to help tomorrow if you schedule permits! We are sorry for any inconvenience, and apologize to anyone who planned to come today (or DID come today) but cannot make it tomorrow. Thanks!

Central Carolina RC Club

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The April Newsletter is online and can be read here! Past newsletters can be found under the Resources menu!

Also, the Events menu offers a preview of what’s coming up in 2016 at CCRC Field, including the Memorial Day Open House!

Update Rules & Regulations


Rules and Regulations

CCRC_BL_RR, 9/2015


  1. Field Rules

1 Р  The CCRC flying field is for use by its members and invited guests only.

2 – The field is open from dawn until dusk, Monday through Saturday. Sunday morning flying until 12:00 noon is only allowed for silent aircraft such as electric aircraft. Night flying is not permitted unless approved for a special event.

3 – All flying guests are to have a club member to inform them of the CCRC Rules and Regulations and assist and spot for them.

4 – Friends and family members are always welcomed at the field. Please have them remain behind the fence for their safety. If you bring a pet, please keep them on a lease and small children require adult supervision at all times and none are allowed on the flight line.

5 – All persons flying must have a current AMA Membership Card. This includes buddy-box flying unless the member is an AMA IP instructor.

6 – All radio equipment must be designated for air use. Continue reading